The most common resume feedback I give

I’ve noticed that I tend to give the same feedback on resumes, especially when reviewing resumes for product management roles. Here’s the most common advice that I give: 

  • Add more metrics. See my post on how to get metrics for your resume.

  • Focus on what you’re applying for. Every bullet point should directly relate to this new role. Use language from the job description as a guide.

  • Highlight accomplishments, not responsibilities. You managed the roadmap? Awesome, so does every other product management. Did that roadmap lead to an increase in revenue? Add that information.

  • Add a link to your LinkedIn or personal website if you have it. If you’re working in tech, you generally need to be found online.

  • Add technical skills. What software are you familiar with? Can you data analysis? Write code? These skills are generally useful for product managers. An option is to organize by type of software or skill (such as coding languages you know, types of software you’re familiar with such as wireframing, etc.).

  • Add a headline. This can be something like “Product Manager” or “Product Management.” When hiring, tons of resumes can pass across a recruiter’s desk; a clear headline can help a recruiter know exactly what you’re applying to.

  • Add a summary. Include how many years experience you have, so the recruiter doesn’t have to add up what’s on your resume.

  • Remove dates from your schooling. They’re not relevant. If you have a degree, which degree you have and where you got it are the only pieces of information you need to share once you’ve been working.

  • No more than 1-2 pages.



Photo by LUM3N on Unsplash