From teaching English in Sevilla to product management in the heart of downtown San Francisco



I am an empathetic, data-driven product manager. I've led the product process through all stages, from inception to launch and beyond. Although varied, my work history has been vital in my success as a product manager. My experience in teaching helped me develop the skills to work cross-functionally, as well as coach and work with clients. My time in retail taught me the value of framing a product in terms of value. Marketing provided me with experiences to understand the importance of product-market fit, market research, and much more. 

I also co-founded the Silicon Valley chapter of Lesbians Who Tech, an organization dedicated to the visibility and growth of queer women in technology. I'm co-chair for iPride, the LGBTQ+ ERG at Indeed. 

Lindsay has an eye for recognizing talent in others and knows when to step back to allow her team’s strengths to flourish or step in to support them with her expertise. If you’re looking for a product manager who really groks technology, can keep the trains moving on time and is truly invested in those she manages, look no further than Lindsay.
— Laura Evans, Algolia
Presented with complex technical details, Lindsay can quickly distill what is most relevant to customers. When working on features or bug fixes, I rely on her empathy for end-users, and her ability to design experiences that resonate with them. Lindsay deftly manages several projects, and she takes the lead in advocating for usability in each of them. Her excellent UX and product management skills are critical to our team’s ability to deliver a simpler, more intuitive product.
— Supraja Narasimhan, Badgeville