My "Coffee With" Interview

I had a lovely interview about product management with Jess Ratcliff. Jess has been interviewing women in product management in her "Coffee With" series, to understand their path to product management, what makes for a great product manager, and more.

I spoke with Jess about my path from interest in a legal career, to teaching, to marketing, and finally, product management, as well as some books that are great for PMs.

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Empathy in Product Management

Empathy in Product Management

Product management is a career that requires extensive empathy. A great product manager must understand the user’s challenges, needs and problems. If the product is in the B2B space, the PM needs to often grok the perspective of the user’s manager and the buyer, which are not always the same people. PMs work with multiple teams and stakeholders; who needs what? What motivates these different people? What do they want from you and your team? A successful product manager is able to empathize with these numerous and diverse groups of people, and synthesize these needs and desires into a coherent product strategy.

I Help People Get Jobs

I'm excited to announce that I joined Indeed, the world's #1 job search site. I joined in March and it's been a whirlwind of learning, contributing, and growing. I'm working out of Indeed's downtown San Francisco office. We're hiring across the board in Austin, NYC, SF, and more. It is such a great fit; I love reviewing resumes and helping my friends get jobs. Now I am lucky enough to help millions around the world find their dream jobs.